Wednesday, August 3, 2016

90's Hobby Topic

If you had the power to revive one product from the 90's, what product would you choose?

Leave your thoughts below!


  1. Fleer Ultra. I like Stadium Club, but miss Ultras ability to display a fantastic photo of an ordinary player.

  2. How about UD Collector's Choice? Deep checklist for each team and uber affordable for the common collector -- but still blessed with Upper Deck's tremendous photography.

  3. Sorry... I can't list just one:

    A. Upper Deck - I died a little when they lost their license.

    B. Flair/Flair Showcase - Loved the thick cardstock and dual photography.

    C. Skybox EX-2000/EX Century - Acetate + Cardboard = Awesome

    D. Skybox Molten Metal - Metal parallels are sweet too.

    E. Donruss/Leaf Signature - When was the last time you pulled a autographed non-rookie card of a middle reliever?

    F. Topps Gallery - Actually their early 2000's products were better... but the late 90's stuff wasn't exactly terrible.

    1. Oops... two more:

      G/H. UD Retro & UD Century Legends - Solid base card checklists + amazing on-card autograph inserts

  4. Collectors choice, Leaf Signature, and Topps Gallery were products I liked. Topps Lazer was kind of cool the 1 year it was out. Score usually had some cool cards too.