Sunday, August 3, 2014

That 90's Fan Favorite Card: 1992 Studio Promo card of Cal Ripken, Jr

This is now the third submission I have received to be featured on this blog for That 90's Fan Favorite Card. Today's submission comes from a long time fan of Sport Card Collectors Harold Tourjee. Come check out his card and why it's his favorite:

"I have a lot of favorite cards from the 90's. This is one of my favorites that didn't cost me anything - A 1992 Studio Promo card of Cal Ripken, Jr. I have been a customer of the local card shop for over 30 years. The owner knew I collected promo cards (I have a thousand from the 90's - mostly Junior). I walked into the shop one day and he had these promo cards that were exclusively given to dealers (unlike the 1991 promos given out in the Donruss sets). He gave me four of them. This is my favorite out of the 4 (the other 3 he gave me were Mattingly, McGwire, and Clark).

Harold Tourjee "
Thanks Harold for your submission. Feel free to send another one in! If you are interested in submitting a card and small write-up just like Harold did and be featured on this blog, just follow this link located HERE for info on how to.  

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