Sunday, July 27, 2014

That 90's Card Topic

Welcome! This is a NEW SEGMENT here on That 90's Sport Card Blog. Once in awhile, I will post a topic of conversation and look forward to your responses. This is a place for you to sound off and give your thoughts on the topic. I run a similar segment on Sport Card Collectors but this one is different because it's all 90's collecting based.

Now onto today's topic:

 Finish this sentence. 90's collecting to me was...

Note: This post also happens to be the 100th on here. Thank you for all of the support!


  1. 90's collecting to me was devastating to my bank account.

  2. Was a lot of fun. I remember every week I would ride my bike down to my local card shop to get a pack of Leaf or Upper Deck in order to pull a Frank Thomas or Ken Griffey Jr.

  3. ...great while it lasted. 1990-91 was such a blast but the whole thing was completely tiresome by about 1996.

  4. It became a time of decision making. Up til then it was possible to collect all the major card companies. In the 90's there was so much to choose from, you had to take a step back and decide what you were going to collect. It was hard for some of us who had been collecting since the 60's to decide what to add and what not to add to our collections.

  5. awesome time for a young kid to get into the hobby! Cards were sold everywhere and at totally affordable prices (within reason). Companies worked hard to out-innovate each other. Local card shops were better than candy stores to a young collector who just got his allowance.