Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Well, this blog was fun and I enjoyed everyone who has spent time the last few months visiting it. However, there just isn't enough traffic for me to continue to put up new posts daily. I have tried many things to get this blog going and it just will not pick up. I average 24 visitors a day and it takes me sometimes over an hour to post so I am sadly having to give it up and put my focus back onto Sport Card Collectors only.

With that being said, don't count this blog out as I am not deleting it and in the future it will make a return so stay tuned! Also, don't count out the loss of 90's Card Posts as I am combining the posts on here already with the future posts I was going to put on here and incorporating them into Sport Card Collectors blog! That's right! Look for NEW posts there as I am redoing that blog as well. SHHHHHHH! That's also a secret!!! There are some BIG, EPIC, POSTS coming up so follow the above link to Sport Card Collectors and make sure you are following that blog to see what will make your jaw drop!


  1. Although I am sad to hear that you're cutting this blog off (temporarily), I am looking forward to what you will be doing on the other blog. Good luck with your journey.


    JayBee Anama

    1. Like I said...You just never know. I had a lot of fun on this blog. Just wasn't cutting it in terms of views. I will see where I go and you just never know..it could return!

      By the way, did you remove this blog off from your list or did you keep it for the time being in case of when I return to it? Or do I need to let you know?