Monday, May 26, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1997 Fleer Ultra Baseball 1 Hobby Pack Series 2 Break

In this edition of 90's Rip Party, I break one of my favorite late 90's products, Fleer Ultra. With baseball season fully underway I wanted to rip some baseball.

Fleer Ultra Series 2 baseball came with 10 cards per pack with a bonus Fleer '97 Million Dollar Moments card. One of the 10 cards was a guaranteed to be a Gold Medallion parallel as they fell 1:1 packs like all Fleer Ultra ones did. Also in Series 2 there was a chance at a "Big Papi" Rookie card.

The design for 1997 was one of my favorites. No border photography. A cool font used for the players name, team and position and bright shiny color. It appears they played around with Word Art and it worked!

Now onto the break:

The one the things I didn't like was the Gold Medallions. If you didn't read the small writing at the bottom, it was a bit challenging to see the difference between them and the base cards as seen below:

Did you win a million...I know I didn't:

Decent 1:4 pull of a Golden Prospect:
Overall, I had fun with this break.Great design and I pulled a few inserts. Isn't that what 90's collecting was all about?

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  1. I always loved this design from the moment i first saw one. Love the bold name with the line that swoops under it with the team name in in. Borderless with great photography. This is what baseball cards should look like, not the stuff Topps is putting out nowadays. I wouldnt mind having a box of these to rip open a pack a day starting right now!!!