Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome Message

Do you remember a time when Hootie and The Blowfish, Matchbox Twenty, Mariah Carey, Shanie Twain and "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies ruled the radio airwaves? A time that we got to watch Friends, Seinfeld, Drew Carey, TGIF, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air among many other great shows. A time when Saturday Morning Cartoons were significant? A time when the slap bracelet, Big Mouth Billy Bass and Pogs were cool. A time when autographed and memorabilia cards in packs and boxes were as rare as a snow storm in Florida and not as common as my trip to the fridge. A time when prices of card packs only went up to maybe $10 for high-end, not $1,200 plus. A time when the hobby, innovations, card shops, card shows were at all-time highs. A time when opening up cards wasn't about how much value you got back, it was about what you opened, what you pulled and how much fun it was just to open it. Yup, you got it, I am talking about the 1990's!

I came into the sport card hobby in 1993. There were tons of products from many different sports and prices on the market. Plenty of buying options for a beginner like me who would soon become hooked. It wasn't just all of the options that got me hooked on 90's collecting. It was the creativity. You could find cards printed on acetate, plastic, metal, leather and even fake wood. They also used creative innovations such as die-cuts, holograms, motion vision, interactive CD's and more to snatch your attention. If that wasn't enough, cards were also packaged in tins, small boxes with different players on the cover and even cans. That's right I said it, cans. You really had to break out the can opener for those ones!

Recently, I have started to find my passion back in 1990's collecting again. I have been purchasing a few singles, sets, packs and even a couple of boxes. Some of you may question and say, "why? That stuff is junk." Not to me it isn't. I consider that the best era of collecting and that's why I am writing this blog. I want to share my passion and love of 1990's sports card collecting. This era was about the cards themselves not about mojo, big hits, autographs, memorabilia cards, patch cards and so on. This was about designs, creativity, set collecting, hard to find inserts and the occasional rare autograph pull. This is what made collecting then so great.

On this blog will find yourself immense in looking at pack breaks, some box breaks, favorite sets, products and obviously a lot of the cards themselves. These cards may bring back memories or maybe you have never seen them before. The only thing that is certain is that you will like what you see. The main sport focus on the blog will be football, basketball and baseball cards. I may sprinkle in some hockey as well.

So I am inviting you to take a trip with me back in time and enjoy what 90's collecting had to offer. You just never know, I may get you hooked again as well!

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of fun. I look forward to future posts.